The theme “The Transformation to a Sustainable Planet ” encourages all international delegations to choose topics that lead to environmental and ecological projects that enhance the communities in the participants’ lives. Each delegation should choose a complex issue, problem or challenge in their immediate surroundings that requires "Research and Academic Study". The projects should be carried out in the surrounding environment, where students can complete their project activities with guidance from their teachers. It is important that delegates choose a project topic that they are individually affected by.


Delegations also need to develop at least one partnership with an organisation or community partner to learn more about the project and/or to help to develop a sustainable implementation of their project in their local community.

Each project must be related to at least one of the following project sub-topics:

  • Transformation in Low land Ecosystem 
  • Transformation in High land Ecosystem
  • Transformation in Urban Ecosystem
  • Transformation in Marine and seashore Ecosystem 

Together, participants and organizations must collaboratively engage in an activity that enhances their local community.

NOTE: Begin collaborating with potential partners right away. Doing so will increase project efficiency.



Arrival and Departure

Arrival at Jakarta: 

All delegations are expected to arrive in Soekarno- Hatta  International Airport, Jakarta on Monday  6th July 2020 between 06.00 Am - 13:00 Pm. Shuttle bus service for conference delegations to the venue will depend on  arrival times of delegations in Jakarta.

The team will meet in  arrival gate and guide to the bus on the schedule below: 

Group 1 : at 09.00 Am

Group 2:  at 15.00 Pm

​Departure from Venue: 

All delegations will have to leave the venue on Sunday 12th July 2020 by 11:00 am. Free shuttle bus service to Soekarno- Hatta International Airport  will be provided by the hosts, on the schedule below. 

Group 1 : at 09.00.Am

Group 2:  at 11.00 Am


Student Project


In this section all delegations have to register and present their project and their project teams. You can use the same texts and photos which you used for the Global Forum. 

DEADLINE for submitting the form is MAY 5th, 2020

Your posts should include the following information:



School/ organization: 

Delegation leader/ teacher: 


Partner organization: 

Project title: 

Brief description of the project: (200-250 words)

1 photo of your group and 2 to 3 photos of your project. All photos are JPG format, each photo size is 1MB-2MB. 

Complete the form through the link below: 


Student Project Guidelines


A. Group Project

Each team must pursue a solution to an environmental or sustainable issue in their respective countries, which should be related to the conference theme “The transformation to a sustainable planet” and at least one of the sub themes: Transformation in low land ecosystem, transformation in high land ecosystem. transformation in urban ecosystem and transformation in marine and seashore ecosystem.

To help the team prepare for the project, the guideline below can be used as your reference, we call it FADRI (find-out, analyze, design and decide, implement and reflections). 


a. What is the name of the ecosystem you would like to explore? 

b.  Why this ecosystem special for you?

c. What are environmental problems you find in that ecosystem?

d. Choose one sub topic below, that relate to prefered ecosystem

  •   Transformation in Low land Ecosystem   
  • Transformation in High land Ecosystem  
  • Transformation in Urban Ecosystem  
  • Transformation in Marine and seashore Ecosystem 


a. What caused the problem in that ecosystem you mentioned on no 1C? 

b.  What is the effect of the problems to the environment? 

c. What is the effect of the problems to the society? 

d.  What is the effect of the problems to the economic aspect of the society?

e. What would you like to learn more about?  f. What do you need help with? 


a. As youth who care to the environment, what will you do to solve the problem?  

b.Name your project; is it an innovation in product or service?  

c.In your opinion, how your project will benefit to the environment, society and economic?  

d.What makes your project (product or service) unique and different compared to other?   

e.Design and describe your idea, for example using design thinking tools, i.e. mindmap fishbone, etc  

f.Identify potential stakeholder to work with you in implementing your plan.  

g.Choose at least one stakeholder to be your main partner;  

h.List step and timeline that you will take to implement your plan. Your project is expected to be finished in June 2019. However it can be continued for a long term.   


a. Do your project and have fun 

b. Don’t forget to have your activities recorded (pictures, videos, social media) 

c. You may use learning log below to help you record all activities 


a. Share your project to community; you may use social media, or face to face presentation. 

b. What is the most significant/interesting thing you have learnt? why?  

c. What good things you do on your project that inspire others?  

d. What challenged you the most?  

e. What have you learnt that you can now use in your everyday life?  

f. What will you do to improve your project in the future?  

g. Write your Project Summary (200-250 words) and choose 2-3 photos for Homepage AND 

    Global Forum 2020: (due 5 May 2020). 

   Use the following template (link to project template): 

h. Publish your project on your social media, mentioned or tag CEI 2020 Indonesiaor in face to face presentation/meeting 

i. Project Presentation: Each delegation or team will be required to do a 10-minute project presentation at the conference. (Please practice meeting the required time limit.) Upon arrival, on Monday, 6th July 2020, we will be asking for these presentations on CD, DVD or USB-stick. Best formats include Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Prezi.   


1. All delegations must prepare a poster (60 cm wide / 80 cm high) containing information and pictures 

    of the project.  

2.  Each delegation will have time to present their projects using the poster. This poster presentation 

    should be max. 5 min. long. 

3.  Delegations will be separated in 2 main groups. There will be 30 minutes for the first group to 

     present their posters and the second group will go to their most favorite posters to enjoy and     

     discuss the presentations.  

4. After 10 minutes delegates move on to the next poster. After 30 minutes presenters swap and 

    Group 2 will present their posters. 


Each country should prepare TWO big national flag around 100cm wide * 60cm high for the Opening Ceremony 


Each country should prepare a 5 minute performance related to their own culture in order to celebrate different cultures at the Cultural Night. If you include any audio or visual files in your performance, please hand these files in at your arrival on Monday, 6th July 2020 on a stick or on a DVD/CD with your names and countries on it. 


Each country should bring something for the Bazaar as well as for Food and Fun Market – it could be edible or something typical from your country to share or show the other participants.  You can also bring souvenir from your country, and sell it. 30% of your sales after the fact, will go to CEI for conference scholarship. 

Conference Program

Get an  at-a-glance  view of what types of sessions and services are offered at the Annual  Meeting, when they are scheduled, and a brief description of each.  You may download the program file through this link: http://bit.ly/cei2020program

6 July 2020

Arrival and Registration

07.00 - 19.00

Jeep Station Resort

6 July 2020

Arrival and Registration

07.00 - 19.00

Jeep Station Resort

Pre Opening

13.30 - 19.00

Hall A

Detail Acara

Pre Opening

  • Lunch Break (12.00-13.00)
  • Introduction for all participants
  • Project/poster preparation

13.30 - 19.00

Hall A

Teachers Meeting

17.00 - 18.00

Hall B

Teachers Meeting

17.00 - 18.00

Hall B


18.00 - 20.30



18.00 - 20.30


Executive Board Meeting

20.30 - 22.00

Hall B

Executive Board Meeting

20.30 - 22.00

Hall B

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