The Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI) is an independent organization established in 1986, embracing secondary school students, teachers and mentors, whose interests are focused specifically on the issues of environmental protection, promoting education, shaping awareness and training within sustainable development.

We come from nearly 50 countries from the furthest corners of the world. Some countries have established National Branches of CEI. 

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CEI 2020 is the 34th Caretakers of the Environment International Conference. CEI 2020 is organized by schools involved in Jaringan Sekolah Alam Nusantara or JSAN (Indonesia Nature School Network) and Pandu Pertiwi, a national network of educators who has passion in environmental education and education for sustainable development. There are six schools in JSAN that play as main actors in CEI 2020 conference. In alphabetical order they are;

  • AB Home Senior High School
  • Sekolah Alam Bengkulu Mahira
  • Sekolah Alam Bogor
  • Sekolah Alam Indonesia 
  • Sekolah Alam Medan Raya
  • Sekolah Citra Alam  



Bogor, West Java is located at 60 km south, or a mere one hour by road from Jakarta. It’s a favourite place to spend weekends, because the temperature is more pleasant compare to Jakarta. In Bogor you can find the oldest botanical garden in Indonesia, Zoological Museum, where is displayed the last stuffed rhino found in the plateau and tantalizing Indonesia cuisine. For detail info about Bogor, click the link below


The venue for CEI 2020 is Jeep Station Indonesia Resort. A unique resort located at around 20 km south east of Bogor city. For further information on the venue please check  www.jsiresort.com 



The theme “The Transformation to a Sustainable Planet ” encourages all international delegations to choose topics that lead to environmental and ecological projects that enhance the communities in the participants’ lives. Each delegation should choose a complex issue, problem or challenge in their immediate surroundings that requires "Research and Academic Study". The projects should be carried out in the surrounding environment, where students can complete their project activities with guidance from their teachers. It is important that delegates choose a project topic that they are individually affected by.


Delegations also need to develop at least one partnership with an organisation or community partner to learn more about the project and/or to help to develop a sustainable implementation of their project in their local community.

Each project must be related to at least one of the following project sub-topics:

  • Transformation in Low land Ecosystem 
  • Transformation in High land Ecosystem
  • Transformation in Urban Ecosystem
  • Transformation in Marine and seashore Ecosystem 

Together, participants and organizations must collaboratively engage in an activity that enhances their local community. See project guideline for detail info on how to run your project. 

NOTE: Begin collaborating with potential partners right away. Doing so will increase project efficiency.



Arrival and Departure

Arrival at Jakarta: 

All delegations are expected to arrive in Soekarno- Hatta  International Airport, Jakarta on Monday  6th July 2020 between 06.00 Am - 14:00 Pm. Shuttle bus service for conference delegations to the venue will depend on  arrival times of delegations in Jakarta.

The team will meet in  arrival gate and guide to the bus on the schedule below: 

Group 1 : at 09.00 Am

Group 2:  at 15.00 Pm

​Departure from Venue: 

All delegations will have to leave the venue on Sunday 12th July 2020 by 11:00 am. Free shuttle bus service to Soekarno- Hatta International Airport  will be provided by the host on the following schedule.

Group 1 : at 09.00.Am

Group 2:  at 11.00 Am